WeCaRE: Wellbeing, Conditions and Rota Evaluation


There is more to a quality training experience than compliant rota templates.

WeCaRE is a framework accessible to any department for evaluating and improving the working environment for doctors in training. It is built upon IHI Joy in Work and Quality Improvement methodology.

For trainees, trainers, and ultimately for the benefit of all patients, there's never been a better time to find out what matters to your colleagues, and make a positive change!

Watch the video on this page for an overview of the WeCaRE framework and how to use it.

Resources to support framework can be accessed in the Resources link below.

For help using WeCaRE in your department in Lothian contact ​​​​​​​loth.wecareqi@nhslothian.scot

WeCaRE in 5 Minutes

Watch this quick video to get familiar with the rationale for WeCaRE, the history, and most importantly how to start using it with your team.