Simulation Faculty Development

Step One

Attach yourself to a local sim programme that is up and running, and attend as an observer/helper.

Examples include the FY1 and FY2 simulation programmes that run throughout the year. You can find some dates on TUBS or get in touch with us to find out more.

Useful if: You are thinking about becoming a regular sim faculty member, working out how involved you want to be in the current sim programmes.

Step Two

Attend a local Clinical Educator Programme (CEP) workshop in either:

Introduction to Simulation or
Introduction to Debriefing

Dates for these found on TUBS.

Useful if: You want to find out more about what sim can and can’t do, and begin to look at the principles behind sim for learning.

Step Three

Come along to meta-debriefing club!

This is a relaxed get together where a couple of people bring a video of themselves performing a debrief for us to all watch.

Sessions can be found on TUBS or get in touch to find out more.

Useful if: You want to meet different sim faculty from across Lothian and
to work on the skills of facilitating a debrief

Step Four

Attend a two day course at the Scottish Clinical Simulation Centre
for Human Factors. Website where you can book:

Useful if: you are confident you want to have a regular role as simulation faculty, or go on to develop your own simulation programmes. Get in touch and we can help you also with this.