Foundation Year 1 Teaching

Foundation Year 1 Teaching

In the first year of the Foundation Programme we provide 3 sets of teaching sessions that deliver a wide range of learning opportunities aligned to the Curriculum.

RIE: Tuesdays 12:30pm to 1:30pm // SJH: Wednesdays 1pm to 2pm // WGH: Thursdays 12:30pm to 1:30pm


Block 1

By the end of November you will have had teaching on:

  • Pharmacy: Antibiotic Prescribing and Therapeutic drug monitoring

  • Writing IDLs

  • Fluid Balance and IV Fluid Prescribing

  • Management of the acutely unwell patient (sepsis)

  • Common Mental Health issues

  • Diabetes and Insulin Prescribing

  • Death Certification: How to complete the form, PF referral and DNACPR

  • Challenges and Opportunities of being an IMG

  • Pharmacy: prescribing anticoagulants

  • Principles of Teamwork and Inter-Professional Communication

  • How to survive and thrive as an FY1 doctor

  • Patient Safety

  • Palliative Care

  • Acute delirium

  • Musculoskeletal trauma and falls

  • Consent

  • ADME feedback


Block 2

By the end of March you will have had teaching on:

  • Frailty identification

  • Pre-operative Challenges and Post Operative Complications

  • Consultations and recognising and protecting vulnerable patients

  • Prescribing in Hepatic and Renal Failure

  • Acute Cardiology

  • Management of Common Respiratory Conditions

  • Blood Products and transfusions

  • Handover

  • Acute Pain Management

  • Management of Common Respiratory Conditions

  • Infection Control and Hospital Acquired Infections

  • Pharmacy Anticoagulants (2)

  • Deteriorating patient

  • Critical Appraisal of evidence for clinical practice

  • Drug & alcohol dependence

  • Portfolios & feedback with ADME


Block 3

By the end of July you will have had teaching on:

  • Common GI Presentations in acute medicine

  • Confidentiality, Whistle blowing & professional boundaries

  • Management of Arrhythmias - ECG Interpretation (2)

  • Thriving in Medicine

  • Renal Medicine

  • Management of Aggression - Patients/relatives

  • Procedural Skills

  • Prescribing problems

  • Radiology for foundation doctors - Chest Radiology

  • Management of Diabetic Emergencies

  • Delirium/dementia in the acute hospital

  • Risk Management (Clinical Governance and Complaints)

  • Child & Vulnerable Group Protection

  • Career Planning

  • Acute Stroke Management & rehab

  • Difficult conversions, breaking bad news & the power of an apology

  • Feedback with ADME