Monitoring responsibilities


There should be no surprises in rota monitoring.

Our rotas need to be safe for our staff and our patients. It is all of our responsibility to flag problems, please do not wait for rota monitoring to uncover it.

If a rota is felt to be non-compliant either due to hours worked or ability to take breaks then the service team need to be alerted as soon as the problem is identified.


Service rota coordinators

  • Ensure NHS Lothian compliance team have up to date contact details for all doctors on the rota
  • Work with the wider rota team to ensure that all those taking part in monitoring are invited to attend a pre-monitoring and post-monitoring meeting
  • Act as a link with the compliance team to trouble-shoot any problems that come up during the monitoring period

Junior doctors

  • Ensure you are confident accessing and using the DRS electronic system
  • Submit your diary entries honestly and in a timely fashion
  • Nominate a junior doctor representative to work with the service leads during the monitoring process. This person will be responsible for signing off the process on behalf of the junior doctors. The sign off process is to state that the monitoring time period and conditions are representative of the job

Useful documents

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  • Rota Monitoring Process - Role of Trainee Representative (login)