Management portfolio

Management portfolio


During ST3-ST6 you will develop a management portfolio. This comprises of at least four management exercises. There are a variety of forms that these exercises may take but you must complete 'Managing a Complaint' and 'Managing a Critical Incident' as part of your portfolio.

These exercises are signed off by a Consultant and are mandatory for completion of Higher Speciality Training.

A specific WPBA form should be completed on the trainees e-portfolio for each management activity. These include details to ensure that the activity is bench marked against the standard expected of a newly appointed Consultant.

Management projects cannot be done theoretically. The trainee must complete a piece of original work themselves, with supervision.

It can be challenging to find a critical incident to investigate. Please discuss this with your clinical supervisor at an early opportunity. The critical incident project can be done on any critical incident that can be investigated using root cause analysis. Often low / no harm incident are better as these allow trainee to work through the investigation in their own time.

Please see below for College guidance on the Management Portfolio.