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RIE Obstetrics & Gynaecology



We hope you find your time in the Simpsons fulfilling and interesting and hope you feel supported in your role here. The SCRH, as well as being the busiest maternity unit in Scotland, is renowned for its:

  • Excellent patient care

  • Evidence based medicine

  • Excellent learning experience for trainees

  • Accreditation for subspecialty training in maternal and fetal medicine, gynae oncology and the benign laparoscopy advanced subspecialty training module with a recognised endometriosis centre.

  • World famous research – both in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

We are also all very aware that being the busiest unit means the job here can be very stressful. The new rota, which is a change from recent years, has been designed to try to improve team working within the department. Other ways to improve and maintain working relationships between colleagues in the unit include:

  • Communication – good communication is essential between teams and between all other healthcare professionals and something we should all work at

  • Encourage feedback both positive and negative – this is essential for us to improve our practice

  • Autonomy – feel supported but also practice independently

Banding: Band 1A

Rota Master: Dr E Golightly/Dr K Edgar


Helpful guidance

National guidelines

The RCOG ‘Greentop Guidelines’ cover lots of Obs and Gynae conditions and are really helpful.

The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health issue guidance mainly on contraception.

The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV have some useful guidelines too, especially the one on PID.