Genitourinary Medicine (GUM)

At UoE Medical School, GU Medicine teaching is provided within the confines of the O&G block. There are a variety of online GUM learning resources provided on the LEARN platform including lectures, simulated patient consultation videos, interactive electronic patient cases and theory teaching notes. In addition, once a fortnight, on alternate Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, a GUM clinician will deliver a series of live interactive online tutorials. **To make maximum use of this teaching session, it is important that students review the related online teaching videos for the relevant tutorial topics, before attending the live tutorials.**
The availability and arrangement of the GUM/Sexual Health clinic sessions will vary, depending on the local site that students are attached to for their O&G block.

First day arrangements

Students attending RIE for their O&G block will come to Chalmers Sexual Health Centre for their GUM clinic session. There will be a face-to-face morning teaching clinic, with a reduced number of patients.

When attending this clinic, please come to the patient entrance by 8:45am (you will require your mobile phone to ring the reception number on the door. The reception staff will then guide you to the clinic floor.

*Please ensure you have your student ID badge with you or you may not be allowed entry*

Absence reporting

If you are unable to attend your Chalmers GUM clinic session, please contact Dean Ainscough at as soon as possible to rearrange this clinic.


Main placement contacts

  • Module Lead - Dr Imali Fernando -

  • O&G and GUM Module Administrator - Dean Ainscough -