Obstetrics and Gynaecology SJH

Welcome to your year 5 placement in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at St John's Hospital. During your time here, you will work in a variety of areas across the department. Weekly daily review and handover is from 08.30 to 09.00 on Labour Ward (LW).
ANC, GOPD - Antenatal, Specialist and Gynaecology Clinics are held in OPD 3 from 09.00 to 12.30 and 13.30 to 16.00
OT - Gynae operating theatre is in Theatre number 5.
Morning theatre list starts at 09.00, pre-list brief at 08.50 and pre-list ward round from 08.00. Afternoon list starts at 13.30, pre-list brief from 12.30 (you will miss the pre-list ward round for the afternoon list if you have a tutorial in the afternoon - You still have to attend the afternoon theatre. Most cases are in DOSA (day of surgery admission) on the ground floor. Major operating cases will be in ward 12.
Check OT sessions with Amelia in ward 12 (restricted access due to Covid)



LW - Labour ward AM - Caesarean Section list. PM attend to women in labour

EPU - Early Pregnancy Unit - ward 12

DBU - Day Bed Unit in ward 10

WR - Ward Rounds - morning WR - attend ward round with consultant/senior trainee - ask for a case to take a history and present the case and perform any obstetric examination. Gynaecology cases will be history only. Gynaecology examinations are in theatre. Afternoon WR - history taking, presentation and examination.

USS - Ultrasound Scan - session on ward 10 / Day Bed Unit with Dr Rane - 09.00

All students will be timetabled for sessions. If you are double booked, please let me know. You will be timetable to do nights and attend. Collect weekly rota from Secretaries.

Nightshift - when you are doing a night-shift you will be off after the tutorial on the day and the next morning and will attend the tutorial again the next day. Medical handover at 20.30 on Labour ward and midwifery handover at 19.00 on Labour ward. It is advisable to attend the midwifery handover so that you are able the attend to a patient in labour with a midwife.

You will get a timetable for weekday daily tutorials - these occur in ward 11, Day room

We have Supervised Peer teaching tutorials - Students present the topic with laptop and consultant/trainee will supervise. Divide the topics between all of you. Add a case at the end with questions for your colleagues; to make it interactive (can be fictitious).

*Please use RCOG and/or NICE guidelines to prepare the topic*

Learning objectives are on Learn - are found under the Course information, not Group information

*Please liaise with your tutor the day before your tutorial to confirm the time*

Obs and Gyn history taking and case presentations will be on ward rounds with consultants.

You are expected to attend Obs and Gyn / GUM / Ethics sessions, as timetabled during this time.

You are expected to be at SJH from 08.30 to 16.30 Monday to Friday, expect when you are on nights.

If you make any changes to the rota, please let me know. If you are ill and cannot attend, please let me know and also when you are likely to be back.

During your attachment with us, you are not meant to arrange activities other than those related to your medical course.

Be proactive. Use alco gel before and after touching a patient. Ask questions after the patient has left the clinic. Don't write anything down in front of the patient.


WIFI Dongles are available from Marion Wright in the Education Centre at SJH - ext 54052
Upgrades to WIFI will take place in the accommodation blocks over the next few months

Car Parking

Porters cabin - We do not issue permits to students unless they are staying within the hospital residency. Car Park P (main car park) is where students are allowed to park and when we return to controlling the area they would simply show their student ID card to the staff on the gate to be allowed access.

Main Contacts

Dr Sunit Rane can be contacted via Secretary Dawn on ext 53990
Please email me about any absences or timetable changes