Emergency Medicine RIE (SJH)

Welcome to your 3 week placement in Emergency Medicine. During this time on placement you will have many learning opportunities. We hope your attachment will be fun, fast paced and rewarding and you feel valued and part of the team.

The aims are for you to get involved in the management of acutely unwell patients, recognising the sick patient and practising your A-E assessment, as well as seeing patients independently, making a differential diagnosis and management plan. You will learn on the shop floor across the pods, resus, minor injuries and observation areas of the emergency department. There will be interactive case-based tutorials on Collaborate most afternoons that will compliment the videos and other resources available to you on Learn.

During this placement, you will primarily be attached to the Emergency Department RIE, but some of you will have a few shifts at the St John's Emergency Department.

First day arrangements

On the first day of the acute care block you will receive a joint induction online for the acute care block (Emergency Medicine and Acute Medicine).

For your first shift, please turn up for handover in the ED teaching room in scrubs, wearing your name badge and a pair of trainers.

Further information will be provided at the induction and on Learn, where there is also a map of the ED.

Any problems on the day then please let us know by email or directly to Catherine Scott on 0131 242 1430.

Name badges

Please wear at all times, also fill out the form on Learn to activate your security pass prior to your attachment.

Absence reporting

In the event you are unable to attend your shift, please contact us by email.


Main contacts

The main contacts for this placement are:

  • Dr Janet Skinner - Janet.skinner@ed.ac.uk

  • Dr Craig Davidson - v1cdav15@exseed.ad.ac.uk

  • Mrs Catherine Scott - catherine.b.scott@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk (0131 242 1340)