Concerns about my training


If you have a concern about your training:

  • Discuss with your clinical supervisor

  • Make an appointment to discuss with your educational supervisor

  • Make an appointment to meet with Foundation Programme Director or Training Programme Director

  • Discuss with your site ADME

  • Consider discussion with Scotland Deanery (NES) Report a concern

If you have a concerns and do not wish to use any of the other routes described, please use the SpeakUp initiative, either via HR online, or via the email address:

Worried about patient litigation? Follow the link below for more information, and speak to your educational supervisor.


Dr Rob Waller
Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Lesley Dawson
Oncology Consultant
Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medical Oncology
Dr Mary-Louise Montague
Consultant ENT Surgeon
Dr James Tiernan
Respiratory Consultant
Mastery Skills Lead
Dr Nicola McCullough
ADME, St John's Hospital
Consultant A&E