Concerns about patient safety


If you have a concern about Patient Safety:

  • Discuss immediately with supervising consultant

  • Datix

  • Discuss with educational supervisor

  • Discuss with clinical director/line manager

  • If you have health or personal circumstances which you feel affect your ability to perform your job and there is a potential effect on either your personal safety or patient safety then you must discuss this with your clinical or educational supervisor immediately or if they are not available another consultant within the unit. The Clinical Director responsible for the department will be informed as part of this process.

If you have a concerns and do not wish to use any of the other routes described, please use the SpeakUp initiative, either via HR online, or via the email address:


Involvement in an adverse event is unfortunately something which will happen to all doctors during their working life at some point. The use of the Datix system is aimed at allowing personal and organisational learning from these events.

Currently the Medical Education Directorate (MED) collates all datixes where a trainee is involved and incorporates these into the Patient safety in Lothian (formerly Lessons Learned in Lothian) Foundation programme.

Our next step to improve learning from datixes is to provide the opportunity for individual learning and support for the trainee, and also provide data required for the Educational Supervisor Structured Report (ESSR). To this end, we now send an email to the Named Educational Supervisor of a trainee (copying the trainee) if a trainee submits a datix, asking the ES to discuss the datix and to provide feedback to the trainee. The email will be sent from

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this.