Concerns about undermining

​Undermining/bullying is unacceptable and we have zero tolerance for this.


If you have concerns about undermining (involving either yourself or a colleague), please report this through any of the following channels:

  • HR Online information
  • Inform your clinical or education supervisor. If feel unable to do this let line manager or clinical director know
  • If you feel unable to do any of the above then please discuss with your site ADME

There is also the opportunity to report this on the annual GMC National Trainee Survey if you feel that you cannot do any of the above.

If you have a concerns and do not wish to use any of the other routes described, please use the SpeakUp initiative, either via HR online, or via the email address:

Our staff

Dr Sara Robinson
Emergency Medicine Consultant
Dr Lesley Dawson
Oncology Consultant
Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medical Oncology
Dr Rob Waller
Consultant Psychiatrist
Undergraduate Lead (REH)
Dr Mary-Louise Montague
Consultant ENT Surgeon
Dr Donald Noble
Consultant Physician