Working together to deliver safe and effective overnight care

Hospital at Night at WGH

Hospital At Night is a multidisciplinary team based approach to providing safe and effective patient centred care to our patients overnight. The team is made up of Senior Nurse Practitioners (SNP), Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP) and medical staff.

Hospital at Night Introduction

An introduction to working as part of the Hospital at Night team, by Dr Tim Morse

WGH HAN Overview


WGH Team

  • 1 Senior Decision Maker – ST3+/ST2
  • 2 FY2/CMT1/GP trainee Medicine
  • 1 FY2/CMT1/GP trainee Haem/Onc
  • 1 FY2 Surgery
  • 1 FY1 Surgery
  • 1 SNP/ANP (Co-ordinator)
  • 5 SNP/ANPs

The Hospital At Night Office is located within ARAU Beds on the ground floor of the Old Outpatient building.

We don't cover

  • Ward 20 (Intensive Care Unit)
  • Theatres and Anaesthetics

The Hospital At Night phone number is 0131 537 3322 (33322).

HAN on our acute sites

Find out more about the way HAN works.