Working together to deliver safe and effective overnight care

Hospital at Night

Hospital At Night is a multidisciplinary team based approach to providing safe and effective patient centred care to our patients overnight. The team is made up of Senior Nurse Practitioners (SNP), Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP) and medical staff.

Hospital at Night Introduction

An introduction to working as part of the Hospital at Night team, by Dr Tim Morse

Site-specific HAN info

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HAN Roles

Find out more about the roles of each member of the HAN team.

HAN Coordinator Role

HAN Senior Nurse Practitioner Role

HAN Advanced Nurse Practitioner Role

HAN Junior Doctor Role

HAN Registrar Role



Handover takes place between 21:00 – 22:00. All requests must be submitted using the HAN TRAK function as well as attending in person to give a verbal handover to the whole team. The information from TRAK will be displayed on a large screen and allocated to individual team member’s workbenches.

Please click on the video below to learn more about effective handover.


Communication is via two way radios and bleeps. The radio enables messaging on the move and ensures quick and constant communication between the team. The bleeps are used for emergency calls such as 2222 calls and major haemorrhage.

All requests to the Hospital At Night team are made using our online patient TRAK system and Junior Doctors are taught the order in which to perform a handover.

HAN Overview Video

HAN SBAR Handover