Working together to deliver safe and effective overnight care

Hospital at Night

RHCYP has weekday daytime, evening and night cover. We vary from other hospital sites in Lothian in that we do not currently have a core Hospital at Night team. If you are commuting long distances on shift patterns, rest in one of our rooms in the hospital residency after you have completed your shift instead of driving tired. A key for the facilities can be collected from our hospital main reception.


Weekday cover

  • 9108 Consultant

  • 9424 Senior Medical Middle grade

  • 9102 Admission junior ST

  • 9101 Accident and Emergency Junior

  • 9109 Ward Junior

  • switch Consultant

  • 9103 Surgical Middle Grader

  • 9107 Surgical Junior

The general surgical middle grader is on call however, is often in theatre and is encouraged to undertake a ward round for their inpatients at 8pm, when the junior doctors for surgical nights come on.

Evenings and weekends

  • 1 Medical FY doctor

  • 1 Surgical FY doctor

  • 2 middle grades for general patients

  • 1 middle grade for specialty patients

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday has Paediatric Consultant cover

  • 1 Anaesthetic middle grader

  • 1 PICU middle grade doctor

  • 9278 Hospital nurse co-ordinator

  • 9109 Medical junior for wards

  • 9107 Surgical junior for wards

  • 9102 Admissions for medicine

  • 9424 Senior middle grade (>ST6)

Oncall from home: Anaesthetic, General Surgery, Paediatric, PICU, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Oncology, Radiology, Surgical subspecialties (both middle grade and consultant)