Foundation Year 2 Teaching

Foundation Year 2 Teaching

The second year of the Foundation Programme brings with it an expansion of the learning opportunities provided through the delivery of another 3 sets of teaching sessions.

RIE: Thursdays // SJH: Tuesdays // WGH: Tuesdays


Block Four Content

By November you will have had teaching on:

  • FY2 Deanery Induction
  • Common Psychiatric Conditions - depression
  • Pharmacy - Challenges of Missed Doses and high risk drugs
  • Haematological Emergencies
  • Pharmacy - Managing multiple medicines
  • Academic Medicine and Research
  • Managing Complex Cases and multimorbidity
  • Recognition and Management of Common Surgical Emergencies
  • Complex discharge planning
  • Airway Problems
  • Management of patient with impaired consciousness
  • Health promotion/public health
  • Gynaecological Emergencies
  • Career Planning and Interview Practice

Block Five

By March you will have had teaching on:

  • Recognition and management of acute neurological problems
  • Teaching and Presentation Skills
  • Mental Health - Eating disorders
  • Radiology - Abdominal Radiology
  • Common Paediatric Medical & Surgical Emergencies
  • Trauma - Major Haemorrhage & Resuscitation
  • So, what if it's not in the Formulary?
  • Obstetric Emergencies
  • Management of Chronic Pain
  • ENT Emergencies
  • Mental Health - Anxiety/panic
  • Common Psychiatric Conditions - Psychotic Illness
  • Leadership and our NHS Structure
  • Anticipatory Care Planning
  • Lifestyle Medicine

Block Six

By June you will have had teaching on:

  • Wound care & suturing
  • Mental Health - Somatisation disorders
  • Trauma
  • Management of Chronic Neurological Problems
  • Toxicology & Poisoning
  • Psychological Problems - Drugs and Alcohol Dependence
  • Realistic Medicine
  • Duty of Candour
  • Mental Health - personality disorders & self harm
  • Technology & digital agenda
  • Not technical skills / human factors

FY2 Teaching across sites

Timetable for NHS Lothian main teaching sites - If you are unable to join the teaching at your own site, you are welcome to join at one of the other sites. See timetable attached for other available dates.

Please note you are required to book yourselves onto the each of the three/four teaching sessions on TURAS, prior to the teaching date.

You must then go back in and confirm your attendance after the sessions.