NHS Scotland Pride Badge


The NHS Scotland Pride Badge and Pride Pledge are for staff to show their commitment to support equality for LGBT+ and other marginalised people. LGBT+ and minority ethnic people still face challenges in relation to accessing healthcare and negative attitudes towards them.

NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government want to break down these barriers and promote an NHS Scotland that is inclusive for all. The Badge showcases staff commitment to foster an environment that is open, promote a message of inclusion, speak up and challenge intolerance.

The Pride Badge signifies that a member of staff has signed up to the Pledge and is aware of the issues facing LGBT+ and minority ethnic people.

The Pride Badge Toolkit document, which can be found below, explains the rationale behind the badge, provides some useful website links and some things to consider when posting about this topic on social media.

All NHS staff are invited to take the Pride Pledge to show they will promote a message of inclusion, and that they will speak up and challenge intolerance.

To make the pledge and receive your badge please complete the Pledge document below and e-mail to us at LGBTStaff@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk

NHS Scotland Pride Badge

A short video created to explain the significance of the Pride Badge