Skills for Simulation

Skills for Simulation

Simulation is a valuable tool for clinical training. The participants experience and learning is influenced by the quality and experience of the faculty. This programme aims to introduce you to the skills required to deliver excellent simulation training and to help you develop your skills and experience.


Levels of Development



Bronze level is an introduction to Simulation. You will find out how valuable simulation can be for learning and have an understanding of the behind scenes processes, particularly in running a simulated scenario. By the end of this stage we hope you will be able to provide useful assistance to more experienced faculty in running pre-designed simulation training.


Silver level will give you a grounding to the practical theories which simulation is based on, and will expand your practical experience at delivering simulation. By the end of this stage we hope you will be able to explain why simulation is effective, and why different modalities of simulation are used for different purposes. We hope you will be able to use this understanding to start leading the running and debriefing of simulated scenarios.


For Gold level you will support the design of a local simulation project in your clinical area. You will continue to develop your debriefing skills by reflecting and seeking feedback on them from other simulation faculty.

Development matrix


Getting started

Starting the Clinician Development Programme is simple.
  1. Using the resources listed below work through the Bronze section

  2. Once you have completed all parts of the Bronze section send an email with your accompanying evidence to

  3. Your Bronze level certificate will be sent to you with instructions on how to sign up for Silver and Gold levels should you wish to

If you have any questions please contact the team at





Dr Ed Mellanby
Consultant Anaesthetist
Sim Lead - Pan Lothian Faculty Development